Chocolate Farm & Nim Li Punit

Explore the living and the ancient Maya cultures in one amazing adventure to the southernmost district in Belize, the home of the Maya spirits of the past and the vibrant culture of the Maya people of the present. Travel south  to the Toledo  District and experience everything, as the ancient Maya people would have.  Walk in the footsteps of the ancient Mayas and visit the ruins of Nim Li Punit.


In the afternoon, learn about the making of chocolate from its source-  the cacao bean farmer.  Here, at Eladio's Chocolate Farm, in the Maya Village of San Pedro Columbia, Eladio will tell you about the sustainable farming practices and the cacao farm industry.  This tour is a joy for all your senses!   You will touch, smell, and, yes- TASTE- the entire chocolate experience- just as the Mayas did.   

The ultimate Mayan adventure! 
  • WHAT TO BRING:  Backpack,bug spray, towel,  water and snack, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, good walking shoes



  • PRICE WITH GROUND TRANSFER (ROUNTRIP) from HOPKINS/PLACENCIA: US$145.00 per person i​ncludes all tours, national park entrance fees for ruins, transportation, and a packed lunch)


Phone: 671-6533 or 629-7415

Placencia Junction

Placencia, Belize

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