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Nim Li Punit and Blue Creek

Blue Creek Cave

Known in the local Maya dilect as “Hokeb Ha” (“Where the Water Enters the Earth”), the Blue Creek Cave is a great experience for adventurers of all ages. After a short hike, take a dip in the rushing waters leaving the Blue Creek Cave. There is a calmer pool of water at the entrance where you can swim. Our guides will then take you into the cave to explore and learn about the various cave formations.

Nim Li Punit or “Big Hat,” is known for its many stelae, or carved stone monuments. The name itself comes from a stela that depicts a king wearing a massive headdress. Many of the carvings appear to be unfinished, suggesting a sudden and mysterious halt in the artist’s work. This site features several step pyramids, a ball court, and ominous tombs.

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